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All-New Curbside Tax Service

Taxes made easy… on the go.
What if you could file quickly and safely without ever leaving your car? Well, Security Finance has that. Our all-new Curbside Tax Service brings a safe and socially distanced, and also rather convenient, way to file your taxes. Just another example of how we do taxes made easy.

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(1) File today and pay nothing out of pocket: The Refund Transfer is an optional tax refund related product offered by MetaBank®, N.A.  The Refund Transfer is not a loan. E-filing of tax return is required to be eligible for the product. Subject to approval. Fees apply. See terms and conditions for details.

(2) 1040 Protect® Deluxe is an optional product. 1040 Protect® Deluxe, the $30 referral program, and the discount coupons are not MetaBank®, N.A. products or services nor does MetaBank®, N.A. endorse these offers.

Multiple referrals accepted. Referral fee valid only for first time customers. Referral fee may be taxable income to the recipient for the period during which the fee is issued. All federal, state and local taxes are the responsibility of the person who is paid the referral fee.

TO QUALIFY: The individual who we are paying the referral to must have an accepted and paid tax return prepared by the branch or be an active loan customer of the branch, unless state law prohibits otherwise.

All preparers are trained through an IRS approved continuing education provider.

Not all branches provide tax services; call your local branch for more information.

Not all branches provide curbside tax service; call your local branch for more information.

NY State Returns Not Applicable